Boomer Multi-Function Dog Leash


  • Description

  • A versatile dog leash produced from durable vinyl coated webbing that is an improvement on the standard nylon.

    6' and 8' long vinyl leash can be used as standard 5' long leash, slip leash, or variable length leash

    • Snap hooks together and sling over your shoulder
    • Snap to floating ring and wear around your waist for hands-free dog walking
    • Snap to floating ring and use as a slip leash or supervised tether
    • Snap to fixed ring for a 4 ft leash
    • Snap to other fixed ring for a 3 ft leash
    • Hold in middle and snap one end to each dog’s collar to walk 2 dogs at once

    Available in Black, Orange or Red

    1/2" x 96" (1.3cm X 246.7cm ), 3/4" x 72" (1.9cm X 185cm ), 3/4" x 96" (1.9cm x 246.7)

    Made in the USA


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