Red Neoprene Dog Life Jacket


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  • Dog Life Jackets (or dog life vests) make a big difference for your water loving furry friend when they are in the water. Dog life vests are designed to aid your dogs buoyancy when in the water.

    Premium high-quality construction. Made of high visibility red neoprene fabric, that conforms to your dog's body.

    Additional neoprene designed into the body tabs of this life jacket adds significant additional flotation which allows your dog to stay afloat with less effort than most other models on the market.

    Even young dogs can quickly wear themselves out in the water as they try to keep their head above water. Allow your dog to "doggy-paddle" with much less effort

    High visibility red neoprene with reflective strips allow you to keep an eye on your water loving pet.

    Superior advanced design features will provide your dog with comfort and stability to swim and play in the water with confidence.

    • Highly reflective trim across the back and sides provides excellent visibility and added safety at night
    • Strong padded reinforced low profile grab handle on back to lift or guide your dog securely and safely out of the water, up onto the dock or your boat's platform/ramp
    • Sturdy D-ring for leash/tether attachment or waterproof light

    COMFORTABLE FIT: Fully adjustable straps with high quality "quick release" buckles - 2 under the belly and 1 on neck provide the perfect fit for a wide range of doggy "shapes".

    NEOPRENE BELLY FLAPS: Designed to increase buoyancy and provide comfort, provide your dog with an ergonomic and secure fit to swim confidently in the water.

    Take your dog kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, surfing and rafting, or to the pool.
    A dog flotation device will aid both a weak or strong swimmer; so they are less fatigued.

    CAUTION: This is a flotation aid intended for use with adult supervision. Do not leave dog unattended while using this product. Intended for dog use only.