Studded Leather Dog Harness


  • Description

  • Harness Sizing Guide

  • This studded leather dog harness is fierce on a large strong dog

    The material and craftsmanship of this leather harness is befitting a regal dog to show it off

    Fine full-grain leather accented with durable white stitching

    The breastplate is lined with heavy felt covered in Nappa leather
    Studded with brass studs and a hammered-brass emblem

    • Brass easy-Release buckle
    • Brass rivets for reinforcement
    • Four adjustable straps are 1 1/4 inch wide (30 mm)

    Please allow an additional 3-4 weeks to craft this awesome dog harness worth the wait!

    Custom order is not eligible for return once made.
    Please measure carefully...we are happy to help with any sizing questions prior to production.



    Girth: 25 inch to 37 inch (64 cm to 94 cm)
    Neck: 18 inch to 28 inch (45 cm to 70 cm)

    Girth: 28 inch to 41 inch (70 cm to 104 cm)
    Neck: 20 inch to 30 inch (51 cm to 76 cm)

    Extra Large
    Girth: 31 inch to 48 inch (79 cm to 123 cm)
    Neck: 26 inch to 35 inch (65 cm to 90 cm)

    How to Measure:
    Girth (Red): Around the chest, behind the front legs
    Neck (Green): Around the neck