About Us

Finally a shop exclusively for big dogs.

Located in Maryland, Pit Bull Outfitters was born out of frustration and wasted time searching so many stores to find a truly large size.  Everything in Pit Bull Outfitters fits a large and extra large dog.  Why should the little dogs have all the cool collars and clothing? Discover a great selection exclusively for larger dogs.

Strong ~ Handsome ~ Tough ~ Beautiful ~ Bulky ~ Big
That's our market. That's our products. All in one place.

Where the big dogs shop
Only the finest quality proven Pit Bull tough

Meet Eve, CEO of Pit Bull Outfitters

This girthy girl wanted bling, pink and cool outfits.  What she needed had to also be strong, tough and large.  Eve searched high and low to find something that would fit a pampered pitty. She has assembled an awesome collection that will fit all larger dogs.  Eve is continually looking for the finest cool collars, leashes, harnesses, outdoor gear and clothes made to fit big dogs.

Eve was rescued from a life destined as a fight dog.  It became very clear that all she wanted was love, attention and lots of snuggle time.  She is the sunshine in our life. Free with the kisses and tail wags, she is delighted when the whole family is home to shower her with hugs and kisses.  Hard to imagine that she would have lived her life without the affection of a loving home she desired.   OK so she may be a pampered pitty, but she deserves and appreciates all we can do to make her happy.