Palermo Italian Leather Dog Leash


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  • Made in the USA

    Palermo leather dog leash is gorgeous Italian leather on the outside; flexible and durable domestic leather on the inside

    A beautiful match of soft luxury and stain-resistant durability, this leather dog leash will stay gorgeous during any activity or outing and remain beautiful for many years of use

    • Made with Acqua, a leather originally developed for the marine industry, the Palermo dog leash is also resistant to stains, spills, mildew and bacteria
    • Bright nickel hardware and fine edge stitching completes this stylish look

    Match your large dog personality with a selection of 15 luscious colors Light Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Navy Blue, Red, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Bright Red, Slate Grey, Black, and White

    1/2″ and 3/4" Wide perfect for large dogs in 48" or 72" Length


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    Palermo Italian Leather Dog Collar

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    Quality full grain bridle leathers are some of the most durable leathers available. Proper care will ensure that our products meet your expectations.

    If wet or soiled, leather should be allowed to air dry. Never dry your collar or leash in direct heat! Once dry, gently clean using a damp cloth.

    You may then want to treat your collar or leash with a light coating of a product such as a neutral colored Leather Balm applied according to instructions on the label. Alternatively, you may wish to apply Leather BriteTM conditioner to nourish and help repel dirt and oils.


    Full finished leathers are made from full grain natural vegetable tanned leather and coated with a protective coating designed to meet high performance standards (i.e., light fastness, flexibility, wear characteristics, and anti-soiling properties).

    Clean only with a mild soap and water solution using a slightly moist cloth or non-abrasive sponge. Never use harsh solvent-based cleaners.

    Applying Leather BriteTM conditioner will nourish and help repel dirt, extending the life of your collar and leash.